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does engaging eyes help children with dyslexia?

YES - Some of the symptoms of dyslexia are caused by convergence insufficiency and eye tracking problems. more....

Words moving, words appearing blurry, sore eyes, reading slowly, reading the same line twice and skipping words are all symptoms of convergence insufficiency, which Engaging Eyes helps.

does engaging eyes help with eye tracking?

YES - Eye tracking, the ability to smoothly move the eyes across a line of text, and then down to the next line is crucial for fluent reading. Engaging Eyes contains games to improve eye tracking, fixations, and saccades.

does engaging eyes help with convergence problems?

YES - Target Practice games help convergence, divergence and jump duction. more....

They work on the same principles as pencil pushups, dot card, and Brock string. However, because the games are computerised, you are always doing them correctly and accurately, which makes them very effective.

does engaging eyes help with spelling?

YES - in order to spell correctly you have to remember what a word looks like; you have to remember all the letters in the word. more....

This requires even greater vision skills than reading, as you can read a word without looking at every single letter in the word, but you can't spell a word without remembering every single letter.

The way we remember the letters is by having read a word (many times) before. But if you're not very accurate when reading, and are not able to look at every single letter in the word, then you won't remember what the word looks like when you come to spell it.

So by improving your vision and then by reading lots, over time your spelling will improve.

To help catch up, you may also want to play Spelling Tutor

does engaging eyes help with visual stress or irlen syndrome?

YES - If you suffer from visual stress or irlen syndrome you may also have a convergence problem. more....

The symptoms of both are similar. Answer the CONVERGENCE INSUFFICIENCY SYMPTOMN SURVEY to see if you might also have convergence insufficiency.

how old do you have to be to play engaging eyes?

Engaging Eyes can be played by people of any age, from 5 and above. Adults and pensioners have played and noticed significant improvements.

where can I buy 3d glasses?

Any red cyan glasses are fine. Amazon sells them very cheaply.

what are the system requirements?

Engaging Eyes only works in some browsers. If you're on Windows you need to use IE or Firefox, on a Macintosh you need to use Safari or Firefox.

You also need a 14" monitor or larger.

what if I'm not happy with engaging eyes?

We offer an 60 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with Engaging Eyes for any reason. Just email with details and we'll refund you in full.


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