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Amelia, age 8

Amelia was very slow at reading, often missed out short words and constantly lost her place on the line. Since completing Engaging Eyes her reading speed and accuracy have improved and she is enjoying reading so much more. more....

She now reads in bed every night which she simply would never have done before. She still asks to play Engaging Eyes for fun now that she has completed the program.

Skylar, age 6

Skylar is no longer behind her peers! In the 3 months she has been playing Engaing Eyes Skylar has made 12 months progress - going from a level 1c in reading to a level 2c! more....

I'm thrilled. After almost 3 years of struggling Skylar will now finish Year 2 reading appropriately.

Previously reading was always a chore for Skylar. She was happy to be read to or make her own story up to the pictures, but getting her to read the actual text was a struggle. She was easily distracted from the task and had a real issue with learning a new word on one page and remembering it further in the book. The physical effort of actual reading and processing the word meant she did not have the mental capacity to store it for later. Needless to say, the nightly reading of the school book was fraught to say the least.

Now, Skylar is a different child! She is reading much more fluently and effortlessly. She is motivated to read. She is the one who initiates the reading of her school book, and at night she will read her personal books to me, attempting words she is unfamiliar with. She is able to stay on task for the course of the book, and indeed her maths/English homework too. She is starting to ENJOY reading and this is reflected in her writing too.

Elizabeth age 8, and Eloise age 6

Elizabeth's reading speed has increased significantly and she is now reading chapter books.


Eloise was told she needed to wear glasses, but after doing Engaging Eyes for 5 months she no longer needs them. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself - my daughter now has 20/20 vision!

We are overwhelmed with their reading progress in such a short space of time ( 5 months).

Alex, age 11

I used to have trouble seeing things in 3D, also I used to get eye strain and headaches when reading for a long time. Sometime the words moved or were blurry. more....

Improving my convergence has greatly improved my 3D vision and ability to judge depth and distances. I can now move my eyes side to side better which makes reading easier. Also I don’t get eye strain or headaches when reading anymore, and the words never move or get blurry.

Max, age 8

Max played Engaging Eyes for about 4 months. A month later I took him for an eye test. His optometrist was amazed by the correction to Max's binocular vision. more....

Max's reading has improved markedly, with noted frequency of self-correction and he now choses to read books which are age appropriate. Engaging Eyes was fun and my son couldn't guess like he did with the exercises the optometrist suggested.

Amanda, adult

I am 46 and have always been a slow reader. more....

I played Engaging Eyes for 5 minutes a day for 6 weeks and by the end I was able to complete the top level without any problems. Initially I wasn't able to play the game at all as I couldn't see that the targets were 3D! My reading speed has increased dramatically as I now use both eyes to read. I have also noticed that my driving has improved, particularly at night.

Kristian, age 6

My 6 years old son, with speech, attention and learning difficulties, was never interested in books and reading. After 2-3 weeks of playing Engaging Eyes his attention span had improved so much. more....

The OT rang me from school to let me know that he is following carpet time productively for 15 minutes now compared to 5 minutes before starting the programme.

He pays more attention to tasks regardless whether is a game or a learning opportunity. He has also become more interested in written words and will ask for help in reading headlines in paper, shop names...anything! And we read every night, at least 2 books. At the recent review the teacher reported he had jumped a sub level (he is on a P scale) in reading and he has a good bank of words he can sight read, uses his phonic knowledge to sound words he is not familiar with and is able to self correct when he realises what he has read does not make sense. Most importantly, his attention to detail has improved and his writing has also improved, he can write nearer to the line now.


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