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an intervention for struggling readers

In order to read fluently and effeciently you need to be able to focus both eyes on the same letter, and track your eyes across the page.

Engaging Eyes is an exciting, easy to use daily intervention which improves these vision skills needed for reading.

Reading age, speed and accuracy are typically improved after playing Engaging Eyes daily for 3 months.

Reading Levels Improved From 3c to 4c in 3 months

St Teresa's RC Primary School, Manchester

After playing Engaging Eyes daily for 3 months, 2 of our Year 6 pupils Reading level improved dramatically, from 3c to 4c. Another Y6 moved from 2b to 3c. All students' reading speed increased between 19-23%.

Pupils' concentration, confidence and motivation was much improved and having a positive impact on all subjects.

Reading speed is assessed at the start of the intervention and every 6 weeks so you can measure how much your students have improved.

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Engaging Eyes

Engaging Eyes is a suitable intervention for pupils in Y2 and above who are struggling with reading, writing or spelling; or for any child who has Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ASD, ADHD or Visual Stress.

It should be played for 10 minutes per day, 5 days a week. Engaging Eyes can be played from any computer with internet access and does not require 1:1 superversion.

All schools are welcome to trial Enaging Eyes before buying.

Please email to request an evaluation copy.

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