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how does

engaging eyes work?

To read efficiently you need:


Engaging Eyes contains 3 games to improve convergence.

If you look at these pictures through red / cyan glasses the targets should appear to be 3D.

When you wear red / cyan glasses, you see the red image with one eye and the cyan image with the other. You converge your eyes to overlap the two images, which makes them appear 3d.

Once you can converge your eyes, your brain will receive the same image from each eye, so reading becomes easier and more fluent.

eye tracking

There are 4 different games to improve Eye Tracking.

When you read, you should focus your eyes on around 150 points in a minute. But children with poor eye control may focus on up to 1,000 points per minute - most of them in the wrong place - which makes reading incredibly difficult.

The eye tracking games build up your eye control, until you can scan across a line at normal reading speed.

This video shows a child with eye tracking problems trying to read. The red line shows where she was looking when she was reading, and demonstrates why she finds reading so hard.


Saccades are rapid eye movements.

It is a reflex to watch a moving object. So aliens popping up exercise your rapid eye movments.


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